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As a California based VA Approved Direct Lender focused exclusively on CA transactions, Merchants specializes in quick, thorough approvals to help your offer get accepted in this very difficult and competitive market. Our interest rates are the lowest in the marketplace with the highest lender credits. Focusing exclusively on VA transactions, we close our transactions in 15-17 days – we are VA experts. Through March 16, 2018 100% of our Pre-Approved borrowers received Full Underwriting approval.

For a VA eligible borrower seeking to refinance an existing mortgage, we offer 2 excellent programs with incredible interest rates. If your current loan is VA, then you may qualify for our streamline refinance program (also known as the IRRL). This program requires no income documentation, no appraisal and most of the time no closing costs. You may qualify even if your home is underwater. If your current loan is not a VA loan, you can borrow up to 100% of the appraised value at interest rates that are .5% below conventional rates and no monthly mortgage insurance. This is a perfect loan for borrowers that owe more than 80% of the homes value.

I proudly celebrate my 26th year in the mortgage industry and have participated in over 1 Billion dollars in closed loans during my career. I enjoy helping people from all walks of life with the purchase of a home and offer free consultations for anyone wishing to utilize my experience. I will also engage directly with the listing agent to assist your agent in getting
your offer accepted. Over 90% of the contracts that get me involved with the listing agent get accepted. If you do not currently have an agent, I have worked with some of the best real estate professionals in CA and would be happy to refer you to someone.

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