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VA Loan Process Simplified


Step 1: Get Pre-Approved

Step 2: Start Making Offers/Get Offer Accepted

Step 3: Open Escrow

Step 4: Lock Interest Rate/Have Merchants order the VA appraisal

Step 5: Sign Loan Estimate along with other initial govt required paperwork

Step 6: Loan Processor submits the file to the VA underwriter for approval

Step 7: Underwriter Approves Loan provide a list of any additional items needed before closing

Step 8: Appraisal report received and signed off by underwriter

Step 9: Closing Disclosure emailed be signed (Closing Disclosure should mirror the initial Loan Estimate)

Step 10: Merchants sends the closing documents to the escrow company 3 days after the Closing disclosure is signed

Step 11: You sign arrange with the escrow firm to sign the closing documents either at their office or they will send a notary to a convenient location for you.

Step 12: The escrow firm sends Merchants the signed closing package (either electronically or by overnight)

Step 13: Merchants wires the funds to escrow

Step 14: The loan funds and then is recorded with the county

Step 15: The transaction is now closed and you receive your keys.

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